Monday, 3 March 2014


I have to say this course has completely taken me by surprise. When I received the syllabus over Christmas break and saw that we would be tackling the DSM-5 in one term, I immediately groaned and thought this course would be the end of me.

Although it is an intense course, it is one of my favourites thus far. I just finished my first assignment where we had to examine two case studies and write up the client's history,symptomology, differential diagnosis and then our final diagnosis while using clinical language. I loved it!

Yes the DSM is intimidating but the more I flip through it the more comfortable I am becoming with it and being able to know what symptoms fall under what categories etc. We have a couple case study textbooks for the course and it is helping immensely to be able to read examples of how a disorder could, maybe present itself. (I say could, maybe because of that disclaimer that no client is the same and no disorder presents itself the same in in two clients).

This course is reinforcing why I chose Lesley's program, because not only do I get my DMT education but also can become a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC). I realize now that it was this balance that I was missing at ISIS last year and is one of the reasons why I am enjoying this program!

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