Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fathers Support Groups

This week I am working on a group project for my Theories of Dance/Movement Therapy II course. The project was to pick a family member of a child with multiple handicaps and design six therapy sessions to be used with this client.

Our group chose to do a fathers only support group as we believe they are under researched and thought it would be interesting to learn more. So far we have identified potential issues that fathers with children with multiple handicaps face such as feeling isolated from their friends and family.

It has been an interesting challenge trying to devise movement interventions for a group of males. The challenge comes from creating a safe space and having movements that the men may feel more comfortable with if this is their first experience with movement. However our group has risen to the challenge and we are coming up with some really great ideas.

We still have to continue doing some research on the topic before presenting next week. It's nice to be able to have some choice in what our projects are on so that we can really find one that we find interesting and can then get more out of the assignment! Stay tuned for how the presentation goes!

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