Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Spring Term

Hi everyone! Yes I have been slacking on doing posts...it seems like the middle of the term has been the busiest yet. Just a short post as I am getting ready for my first dance/movement therapy session at my internship site tomorrow, yay! Currently uploading my playlist to my Ipod. I did a brief presentation on Friday at my site introducing what DMT is and what residents can expect and had a really great turnout!

I was able to register in my classes for next term (here there is Winter term which is September-December then Spring term which is middle of January to May). My classes look like they will be just as fascinating as they were this term. I have to take

DMT Supervision II
Theories and Practice of DMT II
Movement Observation I

My Theories and Practice class will take place at Perkins School for the Blind. Each student will be paired with a blind student from Perkins and we will be working with them for the term. I have been told what a great experience it is.

Must go finish getting props organized for tomorrow. DMT is a new way of working...no lesson plans! Check back later in the week to read how it went!

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