Sunday, 10 November 2013


Sometimes you just need to take a day for self care. That is how I spent my day, at the Boston Christmas Festival in complete bliss with my Christmas socks on and singing along to the carols playing overhead.
However, things have a funny way of happening and as it turns out one of the vendors there is a choreographer who danced in Texas. He intoduced me to a friend of his who also had a booth there and long story short she is also an artist and has been involved with the Mark Morris Dancing with PD and is interested in dance/movement therapy. I hope today may have been the start of a blossoming friendship between us all.
Although note to self...get business cards so when someone asks you for one you don't look so surprised!


  1. Nice to see you potentially getting involved in Dance4PD - you were the first person who got me thinking about it with your essay years ago.

  2. Glad I can be spreading awareness. There have been many many papers since that first one. I won't be directly involved with Dance4PD. This woman has already been involved with Mark Morris' program so now hopefully is interested in doing dance/movement therapy with Parkinson's instead of therapeutic dance. Thanks for commenting!