Saturday, 30 November 2013

End of Term Madness

Oy vey I am slacking on these posts lately. Although I did just realize one of the posts I had done on my phone never successfully got published. Oh technology! I will try to address that after posting this.

I am currently in the throws of final papers and projects. A lot of them are centred around professional development that has happened over the course of the term during our internships, and of course there are the research papers too. I have to say as much as I am enjoying the classes and content, I am very much looking forward to the holiday break.

One of the final projects I am working on is forming a mock DMT session based on Diane Fletcher's model. It has been interesting researching a dance/movement therapist who incorporates the psyche quite obviously in her work. In the same class we have been discussing which DMT's model works well with which client group. I feel as though I am gaining so much practical knowledge in addition to the history of the field and the different models that are used.

My dance/movement therapy program at my internship site continues to be a success and I have a large turnout each time which is reassuring.

I am going to wrap this up for now but stay tuned for a post on the different props to potentially use during a session!

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