Thursday, 14 November 2013

First DMT Session at Internship

Hey everyone! My first DMT group session at my site was last Wednesday and went really well. I had a large turnout and everyone had a great time, including myself! My supervisor was also extremely pleased and said she immediately knew why I am pursuing this as a career, she could tell this is where my passion lay.

The first session was only half an hour but we are hoping to turn this into a weekly program and extend the time to 45 minutes.  For the next few weeks I'll be getting bumped around a bit by all the carollers that come in as they were already booked. Come next semester I will be locked into the calendar so the residents will know when my program is, which will be great.

For this first session I didn't use any props but have been able to get an Octaband from the library so am hoping to use that soon. We have some time to fill on Friday afternoon at the site so I believe the plan is that I will bring in some of the different props I use and we will have some music playing and people can experiment with them and have a good time!

I am realizing I need a bigger bag, Octaband, balloons, parachute, Ipod player, running bag is bursting! And I have turned into one of those people on transit that no matter how hard I try I always seem to be hitting someone with either my bag or the running shoes hanging off my bag. Sorry in advance to anyone on the T with me!

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