Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Therapeutic dance/movement vs. dance/movement therapy?

Today I realized just how many people are doing expressive arts therapy groups without even realizing it. Maybe I shouldn't say "doing" but instead say "doing something very similar to". After two full days at my internship, I have now seen the Yoga, Tai Chi and Relaxation programs that are run at my site. All of them have aspects that represent expressive arts therapy and the benefits are also similar. Both the Yoga and Tai Chi also have similarities to dance/movement therapy as well.

I have been reflecting on how I can approach my time with the clients so they do not feel as though they are doing the same activities program after program.

This has also brought me to reflect on what the difference is between therapeutic movement/dance and dance/movement therapy. I used to believe the two were more similar than different. However, I am starting to believe that they are in fact extremely different and that what I am witnessing is therapeutic movement and dance.

Both of these require more reflection and I am sure always will.

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