Friday, 27 May 2016

Finally Moving Forward

How time flies since November!

I'd like to say a lot has happened, and in some ways it has, but a lot has felt stagnant as well.

It has taken since August, but I have finally heard from the CRPO that I have been approved for qualifying status. At first this was disappointing as I had thought I had enough hours for full registration status, however I was informed that the bulk of my supervision hours would not count due to being completed as part of a course.

While at Lesley I was enrolled in supervision courses while completing my internship. These were courses taught by qualified supervisors and were essentially group supervision. In my opinion the courses took supervision a step further by having assignments that deepened our thinking of issues that arose at our sites. However because they were courses, the CRPO policy is to not count them towards registration. Therefore I was bumped down to qualifying status. This is still good news and I'm happy to have heard and be able to move forward.

It will take some time to accumulate the rest of my supervision hours as without being a student there is now a cost associated with supervision. In addition to the supervision hours I will need to successfully complete the registration exam which I believe will be in the Fall.

With this news we are working hard at getting my website up and running! Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to navigate the next steps in the registration process.

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