Monday, 27 July 2015

Happy National Dance Day

I'm two days late but better late than never! Happy National Dance Day (July 25, 2015). Hope you got a chance to move/dance the day away.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    I truly enjoyed reading every post on this blog. As a recent psychology undergraduate grad, dance enthusiast, and Canadian- I found your postings to be very inspiring and informative. Please keep them coming! I would love to hear more about how life has been since working here in Canada.

    I actually stumbled across your page through likedin. I was searching dance movement therapy. I am seriously considering applying for programs in the states for fall of 2016. Your blog has motivated me to pursue the field. The education you received matches many of my passions. If I could connect with you on linkedin I would be thrilled.

    In any case, I hope being a pioneer here in Canada as a dance movement therapist is going well.

    Best regards and good luck,

    Eden :)