Saturday, 20 September 2014

Busy busy busy!

If the last couple of weeks have been any indication I have an inkling my posts may not be as frequent as last year.

Classes are well under way and that means the usual copious amounts of work. However some exciting addition to courses and internship I am also working this year! I was offered a graduate assistantship position doing research with one of the professors at Lesley. I just met with the prof last week and think it will be an exciting project with a publication at the end with my name on it!

It will make it a busier year but I am just thrilled to be back into the throws of research. Speaking of research I think I have finally chosen a research topic for my own thesis. I had hoped to do a quantitative project but after discussing my schedule with my professor, I think a qualitative one is more realistic for this time. I'd like to look at the history of DMT in Canada but more specifically why it disappeared (the association dissolved as did the training programs) and why the push for it to come back in the last year. I think that this would give valuable insight on how to perhaps prevent it from disappearing again.

Stay tuned for progress on both research projects! I'm off to try and navigate my way through the process of getting a social security number and the large amount of paperwork that goes with it.

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