Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Standards and Ethics

If I'm being honest, I walked into this weekend intensive dreading it and thinking this topic was going to be a dry one. Boy was I wrong! The professor is amazing and is really able to keep us engaged as a class. She incorporated a lot of experientials which was nice and broke up the material.

I'd like to say a lot of this course is common sense; confidentiality, misconduct, code of ethics etc. However, I am realizing how many grey areas there are and how it is hard to make blanket statements as every situation and client will be different.

It has also been interesting to reflect on questions such as
- Are there any populations you would not be able to work with?
-What/Are there any personal values that may prevent you from providing the best care for your client?
- What happens when the law and your association's code of ethics say different things? Which do you follow?

This course has allowed me to realize that it's not all common sense and realistically, I (and probably you) at some point will make mistakes. Supervision is so incredibly important for new professionals and is a process that continues to be throughout one's career.

After learning about the laws for the U.S. I am already starting to think of where I could do a refresher course in Canada once I return after graduation and what associations I want to be a member of and code of ethics I want to follow apart from the American Dance Therapy Association.

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