Monday, 30 June 2014

More Certification?

I just had my last weekend for my Body-Oriented Psychotherapy class. I am still as much in love with Bioenergetic work as I was after the first weekend.

I started looking into becoming certified in it once I return to Canada. Funny thing is that none of the association's in Canada have contact emails that actually work. All my emails seem to keep bouncing back to me. My professor recommended reaching out to the international association which I did today and hopefully I hear back from them soon as to how to reach someone in Canada.

I think that it may be something I would like to do once I am working in the field and can integrate it into my work once I have established my own style within the DMT framework.

I feel as doors are just starting to be opened and I am beginning to realize how many options there are in this line of work! Exciting things on the horizon!

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