Monday, 7 April 2014

Post NEADTA Conference

Although it is 2 days later I am still trying to process everything I took in on Saturday at the conference. The keynote speaker, Dr. Robert Macy, was inspiring and led the attendees through several tribal dances as part of his presentation. The day was filled with new knowledge, knowledge that challenged pre-existing knowledge and of course dancing!

The piece I was a part of opened up the conference and resulted in the dance party you see pictured below (photo courtesy of Jessica Sorentino). Students, alumni and faculty from Lesley University, low-residency and on-campus programs and Antioch University represented some of the attendees at the conference. The day was rounded out by several performances from students at the end of the day, allowing us to leave moved by their pieces and ready to go home to try to begin processing the day. Next year the conference will be held in New Hampshire at Antioch University with the national conference sometime in October. Until then continue to move and inspire!

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