Monday, 23 March 2015

Final Stretch

Sitting in the Toronto airport waiting for my flight back to Boston for the home stretch. In less than two months I will have graduated from Lesley with my Master's....exciting (but also a bit terrifying if I'm being honest). There is so much to do in the time that remains including finishing up my thesis. I've finally completed my data collection and now to write it up.

Today I had the interesting experience of explaining to the border customs agent what dance/movement therapy is. He gave me the impression that he thought I was making it up. After being grilled for about 15 minutes he seemed to be satisfied with my answers although he still seemed skeptical. Doing my part for the field today and spreading the word! 


  1. Elizabeth,
    What is the title of your thesis you are finalizing?

    1. My working title is "Dance/Movement Therapy in Canada: Moving Forward".