Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Boy oh boy you'd think after 6 years of post secondary education I would be used to the madness that is finals. For some reason this semester seems to be worse than others. Between work, internship and final papers, I am very much ready for a break both mentally and physically.

Now mind you over that break I have a thesis to work on and an application for the college of registered psychotherapists of Ontario to complete but it will be wonderful just to be home.....and of course able to sleep once again!

As much work as finals are I have truly found them interesting this year and feel as though have helped me reflect on the work I have done all semester.

I will be spending 3 weeks in Canada with my family and boyfriend before returning to complete my last semester. For all those students reading this congratulations on surviving finals!


  1. great job - nice to hear you are back in Canada

  2. Thanks Joe! Hopefully we can connect once I'm back for good, would love to hear what's going on in the lab. Happy New Year!