Sunday, 31 August 2014

End of Summer

Hello loyal readers!

Hope you enjoyed your summers, it certainly went by fast. I was fortunate enough to return to Canada for almost 7 weeks and was able to enjoy lots of family time including a week at a cottage.

I realized over this time that I was home how much inspiration I receive from nature. It was during the silent moments of sitting on the dock at the lake watching the stillness of the water, the sun rising and setting or just watching the family of loons and ducks go about their days that I felt grounded in time. I had images come to me and movement choirs erupt within.

Again today I ventured out into a outdoor museum and it was walking through the grass that I couldn't help but dance!

Classes and internship start next week for me so I am taking the long weekend to settle into my new apartment and then getting myself geared up for what lay ahead this year.

Only 9 months left until I will be graduating and returning to Canada...but who's counting?!

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