Sunday, 26 January 2014

Spring Classes

Well I have survived the first week back and am getting my head back into the school mindset. I have now had 3/4 classes once and so far I think it will be another really interesting term. Quite a bit of work as can be expected but lots of freedom in choosing topics to discuss and research which will be great.

The classes for this term are DMT Theories and Practice II, Body/Movement Observation and Assessment I, Psychopathology and Clinical Practice and DMT Supervision. For my theories class we will be at a school for the blind all semester working with a child one on one with DMT. This is the one class I have not had yet as last Monday was a holiday here. I think it will be rewarding working at the school however this will be my first time working with children in a DMT context. Psychopathology I think will take the cake this term as I have found myself wanting a more clinical course which this is proving to be...DSM-5 is one of the many texts for the course.

I am in the midst of applying for second year internship sites which has been a daunting task. I am hoping to be at a site working with children and also hoping for a clinical setting. For our second year site we will be under the supervision of a BC-DMT on-site whom I am looking forward to be working with and gaining feedback from.

This term will be busy and a lot of hard work but I will be one step closer to being a DMT! I leave you with a quote from Martha Graham that I came across on Pinterest...

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