Monday, 10 June 2013

It's happening!

So much has happened since the last posts. So much in fact I completely forgot I had a biog let alone how to access it.

I ended the last post with the question, "How do I become a dance/movement therapist?". Well here is how it's happening for me.

I had been attending ISIS-Canada in Toronto this past year. Their program is a 3 year Expressive Arts Therapy diploma program that is not specifically for dance but encompasses all art forms. It was what was affordable and close to home after finding that all the dance therapy schools were either in the Unites States or in Europe.

This past December I was emailed a notice from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA regarding their new low-residency Master's program in Expressive Therapies with a Specialization in Dance Therapy and Mental Health Counselling. I had looked into attending Lesley University when I first started researching DMT but with being an international student there was no way to afford it. However, with the low-residency option now maybe it was possible. I looked into it and then dismissed it for a few different reasons.

A couple of months later, having tea with a friend, I was sharing my concerns regarding not receiving a Master's from ISIS unless I attended the European Graduate School in Switzerland for 3 summers. In my opinion, and from speaking with those in the field, I realized the importance of having a Master's to be able to find a job after graduation. I was also discussing this dream of mine to attend Lesley University. Long story short, we crunched numbers and realized it was the same cost for me to attend Lesley's low residency program as it was for me to attend EGS. With that I applied to Lesley University's low-residency program.

After I had applied I found out I received a scholarship that would help cover costs to enable me to study at Lesley full-time. With that paperwork got changed and the waiting game began. Now, after a couple of months and a few ups and downs, I have received my admission to Lesley for full-time beginning this September!

Now to complete all the necessary paperwork for international students and for a student Visa in time!

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